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As soon as we found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed help.

Overwhelm washed over me.

We had no family that live close. No friends that had children and I had absolutely no idea about birth and how to raise a newborn.

I remember reading my friend’s blog and she mentioned she had a doula. Unsure exactly what that was, I went to google.

Claire Davies


noun [ C ]

Provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and family before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

I instantly knew I needed one. The thought of having someone in my corner, a woman who could support, love and have my back was everything I needed.

On meeting our beautiful doula, Angel, I booked immediately knowing that she was exactly what I needed, what my family needed.

What she became is hard to articulate into words.

She bought me back to life in my darkest parts of labour where I didn’t think I could go on. She breathed life into me.

Got me out my head and into my body.

She nourished me with home cooked meals, I can still remember how incredible that roast vegetable soup was postpartum. The ginger, garlic and spices. The way it made me feel nurtured and warm.

When she took my son, sang to him, held and loved on him so I could have small moments to myself to shower, relax or sleep.

She made me feel alive. Confident. Connected and Empowered, all whilst cheering me on from the sideline encouraging me to lean into all the feelings of motherhood.

She witnessed me fully, at my best and at my worst. She listened to my fears and doubts, held space for me to offload and hugged me tight when I needed connection.

Friends, family, colleagues came and went. Asking how the baby was. Staying for a few minutes and leaving again. Angel was our constant in the fourth trimester. She was the person I felt safest with (apart from my husband) and the one person I went to when we needed help.

But for you right now, you’re feeling a lot of information overload.

You’re not sure exactly how to navigate the system to best suit what you need, not to mention not knowing how to do things for the first time like how to baby wear, changing nappies and how to make sure you’re dressing bub to make sure they’re toasty warm.

You may be worried you won’t be heard in the birth space – dismissed by health care workers, not know what to expect and how to prepare for something you’ve never done before & scared of the cascade effect of interventions.

What you really want: 

  • To have an incredibly empowered and holistic birth
  • To feel capable as a mother and feel supported at the same time
  • Have a one stop shop, someone who will be all-of-the-things – someone who will take away the emotional work of sourcing placenta encapsulation, lactation consultants and all of the little things like brand of baby carrier, find you a perfect ring sling and use of a tens machine during labor all provided for you.

Know that everything will be taken care of.

  • You want to totally trust your intuition, hear what your body’s saying, and have the confidence to make the right choices for you and your child.
  • Have a guide, a steady hand and unwavering support
  • Get clear on your birth plan, know exactly what you do and don’t want: and have it heard and respected.
  • Have someone you can completely trust to manage the details of your birth so you don’t have to worry about anything but the sacred space between you and your new one.
  • Be prepared for any uncertainties, calm all your restless fears, and the ability to eat intuitively in response to the changing demands of your body and baby.
  • Navigate the new and sometimes complex feelings of the postpartum experience – not just for your baby, but for the new mother too.

Together we can find the space for you to be, not just get through the day. You’ll be able to flow with your new routine and cherish moments in the beautifully organised chaos.

I promise to always advocate for you. Hold space for you.

Shower love on you.

I am your shoulder to cry on.

  • Form that special connection with your baby
  • Have a magical birth and postpartum experience
  • Develop the ability to make intuitive decisions for your birth and baby
  • Gain clarity and confidence in looking after a newborn
  • Feel supported, loved and respected
  • Have your birth and parenting choices heard and honoured
  • Have a community around you, supporting and cheering you on
  • Feel nourished with healing and nourishing food and drinks

I believe that when women are empowered, supported and loved in their birth and postpartum space, we don’t just SURVIVE, we THRIVE through motherhood.

When we work together you’ll gain all my knowledge of birth and postpartum. I’ll nourish, love and support you, making sure you feel spoilt.

I’ll encourage you to ask questions and lean into your intuition so all of your decisions are informed consensual and empowered. We’ll determine what you really want from your birth, and what your non-negotiable are. I’ll always encourage you to back yourself first, instilling the confidence that you have everything you and your baby needs.

My packages include

Ayurvedic inspired meals that are light, warm and nourishing you postpartum cooked with love

Weekly visits I’ll flow around you and fill the gaps for what you need (approximately 4 hours a week)

Individually crafted packages tailored specifically to your needs

Walking your dog / feeding your dog, washing the sheets, doing the dishes, tidying up your space for you

Herbal tinctures as a natural form of healing to compliment your body as an alternative to standardised options 

Attending appointments to the doctor or nurse with you if you need extra support

Ring sling – a baby carrier emulates the womb space and instantly calms babies down & also a quick and easy way to wear your baby without needing to take your pram

Peri herbs to heal the tearing of the vagina

Placenta encapsulation to stabilise your mood, replenish iron levels and increase energy

Yoni steaming to tone and heal the vagina, anti-fungal and antibacterial, balancing the ph levels

Postpartum wraps: Helping diastasis – toning of core muscles, and helping abdominal muscles move back into place

A dedicated house cleaner

Tens machine: Available for you to use during birth to help manage pain

Breastfeeding & iron-rich tea to help with milk supply & replenish your iron levels

Following our ancestors and communities and wise women of old, creating space to take care of our babies the way we used to 

I will be your birth guide and advocate so you experience the true magic of birth.

I am passionate about showering you with love, gifts and practical tools to help you THRIVE during this time.

The little things are what made a difference in my birth and postpartum experience.

My offerings are tailored to YOU.

I’ll help you:

The first time you leave the house when putting baby in the car, and going to the shops – I’ll be there to help make the process smooth. Feeding baby when you’re at the coffee shop, going out to breakfast and navigating everything new

I’ll show you:

How to bath baby for the first time and show you what products to use, how to get the water temperature right, techniques for how to hold baby, frequency and time of day for bathing 

It’s no coincidence you are here.

I am a HUGE believer in divine timing, intuitive process and our ability to seek out exactly what we are looking for.

We are magnets, and if in tune in correctly we will always be drawn to what serves our soul.

Landing on this page, at this time, it is a probable assumption that you are growing a human.

Transitioning from Maiden to Mother. Journeying what it is like to carry life.


Kakadu Plum

Virtual Birth Plan Prep Sesison



Birth Support


Pink Rock Lily

Postpartum Support



For the mumma who wants it all


Do you do payment plans?

Short Answer- YES!

With all my services I ask for a deposit to retain your booking.

I am very much open to working with you to make it financially work for you.

If finances are something that is stopping you, reach out. We can chat and work something out.

Unsure if I can afford it?

I would take a look at what you value and what is important to you.

Lean into what you want your birth and postpartum to FEEL like.

What I provide is essential support, guidance, care + love both in the birth and postpartum space. This is an investment in YOU.

If you value your birth and postpartum experience, you will find the funds.

Not sure if I need a doula or not?

The reason I chose to invest in a doula was I wanted Glyn to experience the birth too. This was his as much as mine. I wanted him to be able to be fully present without worrying about me and the logistics around ‘caring’ for me.

I wanted the best care, support + love so we could just be.

That is what I become.

If you want someone in your corner. If you want your birth + postpartum experience to be epic, choose a doula.

Not sure how to get my partner to see the value?

Ah, getting the partner to see what you see RE a doula.

I spent $7k on my doula.

When I told Glyn, he was a little confused (didn’t know what a doula was) but also worried if it was needed?

Ask him now…he would pay doula that as hes witnessed first hand the value that she provided us.

First time partners is hard as its completely new territory. Its hard to prep for something you haven’t experienced.

I would explain that the village doesn’t exist anymore. We used to raise and birth our children in community. What I offer is going back to those roots. Nourishing the mother. Holding her so she can THRIVE in her postpartum.

I see people on the daily be gifted ‘push presents’ of luxury bags, rings (which is totally fine if that’s your thing!).

But I ask, will that ring take your baby when you are about to lose yourself?

Will that bag bring you nourishing food so your body can heal?

Its all perspective.

“We are the ONLY species of mammal that doubts our ability to give birth. Think about that.”

Ina May Gaskin

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