Kind words from my clients

I have been meaning to tell you in writing how grateful I am that you were a part of the birth of our little Sonny.

I thank my past self constantly for making the decision to hire a doula! It was the most valuable thing I did for our birth.

I know in our super unique case people often say don’t mix friends with business but I think that is such bullshit! There is a level of trust that you just don’t get from someone you don’t know and when it came to my birth planning and hiring a doula it had to be you.

I wanted to ensure my birth plan, preparation and postpartum care was set in stone, and of the highest standard. All of which I knew you would deliver.

Knowing that someone was going to be there alongside my husband and I assisting and supporting us made us go in to our birth confident and at ease, even amongst the unplanned chaos of changes that were beyond our control.

I often get asked if it was worth the investment, and to start with I felt a bit indulgent spending a significant amount of money on my care, but in hindsight it was worth its weight in gold.

The unconditional support, safety, confidence and remembrance of my strength you offered me in moments I felt I was crumbling; paired with the divine nourishment of your post partam care


Being on the other side of your services I can say with the utmost confidence it was never an expense, it was the best investment we could have made for our family.

My first birth I soldiered on and got back to “life” quickly. Things beyond our control had happened to my family which meant they couldn’t help as much as they would have liked.

I didn’t want to be leaving the possibility of not being advocated for, cared for or nourished.

So this time, having hired you I took the time to slow down, rest and prioritise my recovery and this sacred time of adjusting as a family of four.

After my first child I remember there being multiple times I felt our baby was straining our marriage (we were burnt out and sleep-deprived.)

This time, and with two children and even more chaos we are happier, calmer, rested and even closer in our marriage.

I feel my words will never suffice for the gift that was your presence in our birth Claire… you truly have found your calling and I am honoured to have experienced you in that professional sense.

The best part is Sonny gets to grow up with the person who caught him – “Aunty Claire” will always be around 

We love you!! And are so grateful for you

Mary and Danny

My pregnancy and birth journey was everything I could have wished for and a huge portion of that had to do with my support network that Claire played an extremely important part.

I cannot thank you enough for joining us on our journey into parenthood for the first time. You reminded me of my power and to trust my body. From the phone calls to the catchups, the soft encouraging words during labour, the delicious meals/snacks/tinctures/teas, the AMAZING photos, the gentle reminders that ‘I can do this’ and so much more. You truly went above and beyond to make sure we were okay.

I appreciate and admire your courage to respectfully question the midwives that night regarding what was recommended versus what was policy and for empowering me to ask the similar questions. You made sure I was as comfortable as I could be and because of that our daughter entered the world exactly how I envisioned – an intervention and medication free water birth at the Family Birth Center. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our doula.

Claire, you are a gift and the work you do is so important.

If anyone is thinking of inviting Claire on their birth/postpartum journey; you won’t regret it. She will support, nourish and help you feel safe, loved, empowered and confident in bringing your baby earth side 💕

Jess and Josh

As soon as Claire arrived I felt a shift in the energy in our home. I remember when she came in and held me, she looked me in the eyes and I immediately felt empowered, supported, seen. During the birth I leaned into every sensation. I trusted in my body and my baby. I felt safe. I was powerful and I am so grateful for the space that was held for me that night. I am grateful for all of the things I witnessed that Claire did for me and also the things I did not, because they were just as meaningful. I would recommend

Claire to anyone and everyone who wants to step into their own power and birth consciously, on their own terms

Jackie and Arter

My girl! Claire! What a powerhouse. You felt like family from the get-go. So open, so easy to talk to, so generous with your time, energy and resources. So many words to express how grateful I feel, having you in my life – I could go on and on and on…

You were meant to come on this journey with me. The resources you shared literally CHANGED MY LIFE. The space you held for me to hash out fears, thoughts and all things I needed to explore during my second pregnancy – deep work processing trauma from my first birth – I’ll be forever grateful for.

You work FOR the woman, you work WITH the woman, you are ALL about the WOMAN, and when it comes to birth, it HAS to be all about the woman!

You GET how sacred this time is, you GET how important we are, and how important it is to centre the woman in pregnancy, birth and post for the benefit of the family, for the benefit of community. It. Makes. Sense.

You trust in birth so much so, you trusted in my ability to birth more than I did! You had my back.

You challenged me, you held me, you made the most epic chicken turmeric soup (mouth literally watering as I write this!).

I’ll always remember seeing you power down the hallway on a mission as I laboured in the birth pool, wheeling all the goods in that infamous suitcase you always spoke of. Ten days ‘late’, and this was IT. This was what we had been chatting about and working towards for several months. That suitcase was actually here, in my home! It was game time.

That mint, that cold compress, that first handgrip during a surge, I was like, “holy shit! She’s got me. She sees my pain. She sees me.” That is some powerful shit when you’re in the thick of it. It’s what I personally needed. And of course, you knew that, after the many times we’d chatted over big loaf cinnamon buns and coffee in the kitchen.

You are the real deal. a formidable spirit. a generous heart.

Birth keeping is in your bones. Birth keeping is YOU. You see the power of women when they struggle to see it in themselves. What an absolute gift to the world and what we need more of right now.

Whether you like it or not, you are my sister in this life, aunty to Max and Aidan always.

Thank you for seeing my power and helping me realise it.


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