Doula Package Pricing

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A 90-minute zoom session where we create an epic birth plan personalised for you. 

We will delve into your non-negotiable in labour, how you want to feel and what it looks like for you. 

You will be sent my Birth Prep Workbook to complete prior to our meet.

You will also be sent a PDF of your birth plan can print and bring with you when you give birth.



Unwavering support through your birthing experience. This package includes the following:

  • 3 x two-hour prenatal rendezvous so we can get the good vibes flowing

  • All my resources and knowledge so you are empowered and informed

  • Voxer contact between appointments (a fabulous walkie talkie app where we can converse between seeing each other)

  • Labour & birth attendance (I go on call from 37 weeks)

  • Birth Photography – I am no professional and my birth keeper role comes first but I try my best to snap where I can)

  • 1 meal post birth (usually my famous waffles and granola!)

  • 1 x two hour debrief following your birth

  • 1 x home cooked meal + snacks 

  • Herbal teas and tinctures to help with the labour and birthing process 

  • 1 x Yoni Steaming post-birth to aid with healing + recovery (done in the privacy of your home)



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    The mother baby dyad is the most sacred bond on Earth and as new parents, it is easy to stress over a myriad of things.  This is where my passion comes in – the fourth trimester.

    Feeling confident in your birth experience but lacking postpartum support?

    Have your visitors stopped coming around and your partner has gone back to work?  Are you feeling apprehensive about being left alone?

    Do you want to set up a strong support network so you can focus on connecting with your baby?

    Is any of the above resonating with you?  This package may be for you and includes:


      • 1 x 2 hour prenatal session to nut out how your postpartum experience will look, feel and taste like

      • 6 x 4 hour postpartum sessions (you’re looking after the baby, I’m here to look after you)

      • 1 x breastfeeding consultancy session with a dedicated specialist

      • 12 gourmet meals to sustain you in early motherhood + loads of nourishing snacks

      • Placenta Encapsulation

      • Herbs and tonics to help with milk supply and healing

      • 2 x general house cleans enlisting a dedicated cleaner

      • Email and phone support

      • Tasty treats along the way




      For the mumma who wants it ALL.

      In this package I journey with you from the prenatal realms, support you through labour and birth & then wrap you in love, support and comfort whilst you bond with your newborn. What I love about this package is it is all-encompassing and holistic to ensure you feel supported, held and loved.

      Whats included:

      2 x 3 hour prenatal sessions to get to know one another

      Labour and Birth Attendance

      6 x 4 hour postpartum sessions

      (you’re looking after the baby, I’m here to look after you)

      Placenta encapsulation

      Helps with mood stabilisation, iron levels and increased energy

      Gourmet meals to sustain you in early motherhood

      12 x meals home cooked

      Yoni Steams

      to aid in healing, circulation + toning

      2 x general house cleans with a dedicated low tox cleaner

      2 x full body massages

      Private lactation consultant

      1 x Face to face consultation on day 1 or 2 after birth, with techniques for successful long term breast feeding, latching properly, when to feed and how often – helping you to navigate the multiple opinions thrown at you from every angle

      Beautiful herbs and tonics to help with supply and healing

      email and phone support

      Tasty treats along the way


      Optional extra

      Pool hire

      $200 includes pool, liner + electric pump

      The above packages all contain what I have experienced as the most beneficial for my clients. 

      What I pride myself in is tailoring a package that suits your unique situation. If something in any of the packages doesn’t appeal to you, lets talk and find something that DOES. I have a plethora of goodies in my doula bag, there is always something for everyone.

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