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Food for the Fourth

Nourishment for the new mumma

I have always had a love for food. I realised how important food is in nourishing the mother when I look back on my own postpartum experience. Many of my memories involved my own doula bringing me home-cooked meals that nurtured me from the inside out. I am a huge believer when food is intentionally prepared with love it works at healing, not only a physical level but an energetic one.

Food is craft. It is stories woven into every dish. It is memories, healing. The potency of food when prepared by your village is what I call magic.

This book is for the expectant or new parent to give you inspiration on how you can best support your body postpartum. For the birth keeper who does an incredible role at providing support for new families. For family members who want to provide help, but need a little hand and some creativity.

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