Birthing Your Worth



An In Person Birth Keeper Immersion with Claire Davies

6th & 7th of August 2022 in Swan Valley, Perth WA


A deep dive into birth work and business.

This is a weekend to explore, peel back and uncover how you want to show up in the Birth world.

How you want to show up for your community. Your clients.

I want you to step into your power as a Birth Worker, and feel so connected to your vision and inner fire that you are capable of lighting your own flame, and swim in your own ocean.

I am here to show you how this can be done. I want to show you what it looks like to plant and harvest your own seeds that when nurtured will grow to feed you a lifetime.

My Scorpio sun and Taurus moon give me a beautiful mix of providing a weekend of luxury whilst having the ability to bring hidden dimensions to the light.

To uncover your secret talents, and to help you birth something that truly sets your soul on fire.

This is a weekend of community and connection.

To forge friendships with other sisters.

When we are in community and when we are truly seen, magic unfolds.

I want to show you how to bring ritual and reverence to our craft while ensuring the financial and energetics of this work is honoured.

Just like Birth, this weekend will be fluid. There will be some structure but I also will be intuitively led.

There will be guest speakers including Courtney from Seeking Wilder who will talk about business birth charts and how this has been a massive game changer for me in regards to my business.

There will also be sound healing + lots more throughout the weekend (many surprises along the way!)



(Your going to LOVE these)


  • Business Energetics – we will delve into understanding how energy flows through your business. Your business is not one dimensional and shouldn’t be treated as so! Once I started approaching my business as its own unique entity that demands respect, love, boundaries and interpreting what it needs, it started to thrive.
  • Financial Exchange – You will learn the way I structure my business so my offerings are always making a profit. (Hint, If you are currently in business and only have 1 bank account then this info is LIFE CHANGING!). We will also delve into why it’s crucial for you to know your numbers. This work is a huge energetic exchange. You need to make sure you are rewarded.
  • Curating offerings that are unique and soul led – this is a MASSIVE passion of mine and one of my talents. My ability to help you navigate through all of your potency so you come up with products and services that are lit AF.
  • Calling in your dream community and clients – what’s poison for one person is the antidote for others, and this couldn’t be more true for your community and clients. You are not for everyone, because you are not just anyone. Ego is great with stifling you into believing you need to show up a certain way. I call BS.
  • Going from working ‘in’ your business to stepping up as the CEO – This is a game changer RE being energised, creative and in flow. This is all about taking your business to the next level. Outsourcing aspects that don’t actively make you money to allow your gift to be at the forefront of what you do.
  • Birth – How are you creating space for your clients to truly own their birth? Where are your own fears coming up? Are you projecting your own shit? We will talk about it all!
  • Business Birth Chart – Gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to your business and how it’s asking you to show up.
  • My tips and tricks in the birth + postpartum space – I will have a wide range of all the goodies that elevate me in the birth and postpartum space. Come with all your questions!
  • Resources – Access to resources I talk about via an online portal (access for 4 weeks post retreat). For a little teaser, the Birthing Magic social media masterclass with Angel Phoenix.
  • Workbook – this is specifically created for this event that will contain LOADS of content, questions and exploration to draw out the magic within…
  • Community + connection with other local women and birth keepers. We learn through story telling and everyone has something distinctive to bring to the table. We need to lean on each other if we want to create change in this space.
  • Plus loads more (think intuitively made gifts + treats, sound healing, epic food, a delicious space + photographer) 

Although these are some of the topics we’ll cover, I want to remind you this weekend will be intuitively led. Some areas may demand more time than others. I trust what needs to be heard and witnessed and ask that you come with an open heart.


Who is this for?



This is for the woman who wants to step into the birth and business world but is unsure how to uncover her magic.

It’s for the mothers yearning to create impact but are plagued with self doubt and overwhelm.

It’s for the seasoned birth keeper who feels stagnant in their business. Let me show you how to level the FUCK up.

This is about uncovering your gifts. Your unique blueprint. This is about mixing strategy with intuition to come up with something that works for you in THIS season of your life.

Your business, your offerings will be ever evolving. Why not start stepping in and fabricating from the present.

Your cauldron is waiting for you to pour in your personality, experience, creativity and wisdom to curate something that is not only potent AF but is unparalleled.


What do you bring to the table that is unlike anything else in this world?



This weekend is about discovering where your magic lies and how we can conceive and birth these offerings into the world (that is also profitable!).



Explore your ticket options below..

VIP spots – 3 spaces only – SOLD OUT

This is for the Birth Keeper who wants to not only immerse in a weekend of divine exploration and uncovering, but wants it ALL. This is where my Taurus moon shines. Boujee AF.

What’s involved:

  • Weekend ticket to Birthing Your Worth + An overnight stay on Saturday 6th with a private room (Queen Bed).
  • 3 course dinner and drinks with Claire and the other VIP’s starting at 7pm, prepared in house by a private chef.
  • 1 x 60 min online coaching session with Claire (to be used within 6 months of the retreat)
  • Champagne breakfast in the morning before the other students arrive.

These spots are an intimate space to be pampered + nourished.

Investment: $1499 or 3 x $555 AUD.

All VIP spots have now sold out.

Birthing Your Worth Weekend Ticket – 12 spaces only

The immersion will be held at a private residence located in the Swan Valley, WA.

The space is DIVINE. Think rolling hills, open fireplace, hidden nooks + high ceilings.

Your weekend ticket includes the immersion on the following days;

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-2pm

Food and drinks provided across the two days via a private chef.

All materials provided.

Investment: $999 or 3 x $399 AUD.

And just who will be your guide though Birthing Your Worth?

Me! I’m Claire Davies


I am here to shine the light into the shadows. To create space for you to step into your embodied self.

I have a passion for autonomous birth, and for women to reclaim their power back in all areas of birth, motherhood and business.

Tickets available until sold out.

Email for any queries.


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