I’m sick of hearing from Doulas charging $800 a birth.

Not to mention the other struggles I hear about from business owners when it comes to social media, not having business knowledge, and not being able to show up authentically for fear of scaring away potential clients.

Claire Davies

Do you feel like you:

Know you have more potential to show the world, you have bigger ideas, but currently no way to execute on them?

Don’t have the energy to be proactive on social media, there are times of the month when you CBF (translation: can’t be f@!$ed) so you need a good structure to post when you’re not hibernating 

Are drinking from the firehose?

Are you consuming knowledge all the time and getting really overwhelmed with what you can do to help people – how can you make their lives better?

Have no time?

Feel like you have no time, especially if you have kids – you’re wondering how best to structure the business

Inconsistent leads?

Want to know how to find clients rather than waiting for them to appear through people (aka not just relying on word of mouth) 

Finances not where you want them?

You’re not keeping track of your financials, overspending on outgoings and not seeing enough incomings 

Not sure how to juggle everything?

Feeling like it’s going to be difficult to make yourself available to go to a birth and work part time 

Afraid you’ll make a mistake? 

You’re afraid you might make a mistake in a clients birth, you’re wondering what if something happens that you could have done something about? 

Feeling like… “It’s all too hard”? 🤯

But you want to:


Be able to intuitively guide and support your clients whether at home or navigating around the complexities of obstetricians and hospitals


Have a high rate of bookings


Support women so they aren’t taken advantage of and don’t suffer long term effects of trauma


You want that business savvy: Know how to do your taxes, how to run everything, set up your logistics (and all of the boring stuff that you know is important and be getting the most out of it) 


Be able to show up authentically and not be scared of pushing peoples buttons


Empower women in their own birth so they aren’t just “winging it” and they are prepared and not fearful


Learn how to have multiple streams of income and leverage your business with side hustles that make you more money


Create a legacy for your family, become a well-known doula, and be consistently booked for the year

You know there is knowledge you don’t have access to right now, feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing 

You’re angry at the system, you want to empower women in their own birth so they aren’t just “winging it” and they are prepared and not fearful

You feel like you:

  • Can’t be a fully booked out doula
  • Are finding it hard to get clients
  • Are finding it hard to be consistent
  • Don’t have enough experience
  • Need to be a particular age or at a certain stage in your life before you can be on call
  • That you’re not good enough
  • Are scared to speak your truth because you’re scared of turning people away
  • You’re thinking “what if you spend all of this money and people don’t come?”

Well my beauties, not anymore. 


A 12-week intensive course that will help you to create and sustain a successful doula business

✨ Become a successfully booked out doula that is not overwhelmed by logistical nightmares

One 60-minute zoom call weekly

Facebook community to connect with other doulas in business

Swipe my done-for-you-contracts / templates and workflows – just copy & paste and become a successfully booked out doula that is not overwhelmed by logistical nightmares and create deep change in the birth world

Week 1: Business Branding + creating a brand that stands out

Week 2: Business Basics – set up the foundations of your business

Week 3: Define your services – from pregnancy, birth and beyond

Week 4: Website- How to create a website that sells

Week 5: Pricing your services for business growth

Week 6: Social Media – build your personal brand online

Week 7: Taking care of you, the business owner (morning routines, scheduling)

Week 8: The best investments I’ve ever made for my business

Week 9: Resources- List of my suppliers- wholesale, affiliate links

Week 10: Additional revenue streams. What can you provide that allows you more income that is unique to you

Week 11: Doula bag – How to navigate birth attendance

Week 12: Postpartum Protocol – how to structure time with your clients

Bonus module: Free birth – for those doulas who want to explore supporting unassisted birth

I have invested $1000’s in business coaching too so I can invest in myself 

Experience freedom from the confines of the system so you can speak freely and stand in your truth and write your OWN story

Remove logistical overwhelm with structured and streamlined processes to follow

Create and make your own rules

Be set up to financially make a profit

I will teach you:

Onboarding process from booking to birthing + postpartum so you can set clear expectations of the process and set boundaries with clients (includes template written to show clients what to expect) – this will help you to build great client relationships


Trial and error tested recipes and their COGs (cost of goods) in a spreadsheet so you know exactly what each portion costs to make

Postpartum protocol

A breakdown of my postpartum process & protocol so it’s clear what is expected of you & the client, reducing overwhelm as the weeks fly by

Industry secrets

Hear secrets from successful 6-figure guests sharing decades of knowledge on how they’ve become successful in the birth space  

My cash method

Learn how to structure your bank accounts so you are immediately making profit first (plus learn about your taxes, wages and GST)

Educational tools and workbooks

Copy-paste my client workbook which helps educate your clients and encourages them to self-guide and self-empower. Allows you to get very clear on what’s a non-negotiable for your client and helps them to make informed choices for themselves


You are a passionate and driven doula who struggles with logistics and boring systems and find them hard to execute

You recognise that your work is valuable, and you honour your time + the sacred space you hold

You’re a new doula and want to set a solid foundation

You know it’s worth more than you are currently charging

You’re booking clients, but they’re not the right clients

You’re getting clients but you’re not nailing business + you’re not hitting your income bracket

Are you worried that:

  • It won’t work
  • It’ll be a waste of money
  • That you don’t have the time to invest

Ok Claire, this all sounds amazing, BUT I don’t have time

If you can’t find the time now, you never will – if your business is important to you can find even 10 minutes a day to dedicate to your own growth

“My baby is too young”

For me – I want to show my children what I’m like as a mother as I step into my power, show him what it is to be successful doing soul driven work. Mothers use children as excuses all the time, but what we are really doing, is showing them what IS possible. Some birth keepers take their babies with them to births and baby wear them – we do things differently to the way society has taught us

“I can’t go on call because I don’t have adequate care or I fear that it’s too hard because I can’t sort my kids out”

Step into the person you want to be. There are always going to be obstacles. Children are forever evolving, and life is too fluid to manipulate into the perfect scenario—we learn as we go.

Shift into a world of possibility and not lack.

“I don’t have enough experience”

If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, what I have to say is this: A birthing woman in her natural state is instinctual, intrinsic. The care you will be able to provide as a support will be intuitive, and, the only way to get experience is to DO. The more births you attend the more you will find your groove.

“I’m scared of making a mistake”

For me: I know to trust myself. Trust that deep feeling within, some call it intuition or God or wisdom—whatever you call it–trust deeply in your DNA, the land and the elders who support you. We’ve forgotten our power and our potential. The system has fed the narrative of fear, but as we settle into our truth, beyond language and systems and needing permission.

Are you still going to be earning the same amount of money now, this time next year if you don’t change anything? If you don’t invest in your own growth?

You want to step into this space as the powerful, successful driven woman you are

I want to amplify you, help you to honour your soul calling.

You’re done. You deserve more. You demand more.


You’ll also get a one-on-one 60 minute zoom to ask any questions directly with me

Unleash your gifts


Do you offer a payment plan?

You can either pay up front or pay in three installments of $1215 over three months.

How many hours a week do I need to factor in to successfully do this course?

This course is comprised of modules each week that are self-paced. It also has a 1-hour live session with me (which is recorded if you can’t make it) and a workbook to complete weekly. I would say set aside 3-4 hours a week to marinate in all the information.

What if I cant make it to the call?
All the live masterclasses are recorded and will be uploaded to the platform after they are completed so you can watch when you can.

“We are the ONLY species of mammal that doubts our ability to give birth. Think about that.”

Ina May Gaskin

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