Let’s be honest..

If birth work is in your blood,
you don’t need another accreditation to help you succeed.

What you need is the bold confidence and business know-how to build a legacy that lasts

THAT is what I call…  Birthing Magic.

Claire Davies
I’ve worked around many birth keepers in my time, and I’m constantly hearing the same things over and over..

You have a huge heart and even bigger ideas, but no idea how to actually make them happen.

Let’s face it, birth keepers are on call a lot and our time and energy is sacred. Which means a lot of the strategy and social media gets left until last.

You get stuck in a cycle of consuming information over actually creating what you want to see in the world.

There’s just so much you want to change and so much you want to do, it can all be a bit overwhelming at times.

The juggle is real – kid-free time is sometimes hard to come by and life gets busy.

Which is where birth keepers are totally missing out on the stability that different business systems and structures can provide.

Your client bookings come and go, but there’s no consistency month to month.

Most of your business is word of mouth and you haven’t been taught how to actually find clients instead of just waiting for them to appear.

Money is tight and there’s no financial stability in your business

Without keeping track of your financials, you’re not aware of the true energetic exchange of your work and you’re likely just charging what other birth keepers charge.

And you have no idea how to make your business sustainable.

Balancing births with other part-time work or stepping into your own business full-time can feel like a constant stress. And it can all feel a bit too much sometimes.

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that most birth keepers end up burnt out, underpaid and uninspired by their business.

Which breaks my heart, because I have no doubt that most birth keepers actually have a real genuine desire to create magic in both their business and the birthing world. 

You want to:

Feel at ease in your business, so you can focus more on intuitively guiding and supporting your clients like you were born to do
Have a steady flow of clients every month that you can love on and nurture
Feel in control of your business, knowing how to run it smoothly, stay ahead of your taxes, and create flow around all the boring stuff that yes, is important, but shouldn’t take all of your time
Know and feel your worth in this work and value the true energetic exchange of what you do
Be able to show up authentically online and and not be scared of triggering people with your truth 
Feel empowered whilst you’re empowering others – just like birth, it pays to be prepared and you know your business needs a plan. 
Have multiple streams of income and leverage your business with new ways to make you more money so you can help more people
Create a legacy for your family, become a well-known birthkeeper, and no longer worry about where your next client is coming from.

You’re ready to finally feel like you know what you’re doing, and start feeling in control of your business – whether it’s brand new or you’re an established birth keeper.

You’re ready to start taking your business seriously, and building something that creates lasting magic within the birthing world.

Business & birth work can sometimes feel like two different worlds.

And when the feminine nurturer within us is so innate and natural for us, it can feel like a huge leap to build the solid masculine structures and systems that help us feel stable and safe as we grow.

Well my beautiful birth keeper, not anymore. 


Not only does my own birth keeper business stand out in the birth space because of the way I balance both worlds, but it’s allowed me to create a profitable, sustainable business that supports me and my family as I support birthing people.

And I want to show you how you can birth yours too.


A 12 week course that helps you to create and sustain a successful birth keeper business.

A place for new and emerging birth keepers to connect, find community, and explore what they truly want from their business. All whilst learning the tools, structure and resources that have helped me build a legacy business with soul.

12+ modules to learn at your own pace, released every Monday

Weekly Zoom calls with Claire & powerful birth keepers (all recorded if you can’t attend live)

Private Facebook community to connect and continue the conversations on all things birth, business & life

Live and pre-recorded masterclasses with industry experts in birth & business (scroll down for a peek at your 2022 lineup!)

From done-for-you-contracts, templates and workflows to social media tips on speaking your truth, Birthing magic is so much more than just biz basics and birth keeper training..

It’s a one-stop shop for gaining the clarity, consistency and control you need to create deep change in the birth world.


“When you are ready to step into your power, Claire is a beacon of love to allow you to surrender into this journey. The most magical course I’ve done!”
“Hands down one of the BEST investments I have ever made, not only for my business but for my fucking soul. Can honestly say I have found my sisters and reconnected in this lifetime.”
“I cant believe it. I’m just reflecting on my year and I have goosebumps babe. After Birthing Magic there was a HUGE shift. I’ve gone from having a few clients to now being almost fully booked for next year. I want you to know how grateful I am for you and Birthing Magic.”
Birthing Magic has honestly given me the best start to my doula business. All the resources, masterclasses and zoom meetings are so full of knowledge and wisdom. I cant thank you enough Claire, I appreciate and admire you enormously, Queen.”

Birthing Magic is for you if you’re ready to start bringing the same ritual and reverence to your business that you bring to the birth world.

The growth of your business deserves your time, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.

And your business deserves the tools it needs to actually grow and scale, so it can begin to nourish you back in the way you so effortlessly do for others.

Investing in your business isn’t always going to feel comfortable. But knowing what it’s already costing you to not have these tools and support in place is often a much more uncomfortable place to be.

What’s Inside:

Week 1: Business branding + creating a brand that stands out
Week 2: Business basics – Set up the foundations of your business
Week 3: Define your services – From pregnancy, birth and beyond
Week 4: Website – How to create a website that sells
Week 5: Pricing your services for business growth
Week 6: Social Media – Build your personal brand online
Week 7: Taking care of you, the business owner (eg. morning routines, scheduling)
Week 8: The best investments I’ve ever made for my business
Week 9: Resources – List of my suppliers, incl. wholesale, affiliate links, etc.
Week 10: Additional revenue streams – What can you provide that allows you more income that is unique to you?
Week 11: Doula bag – How to navigate birth attendance
Week 12: Postpartum protocol – How to structure time with your clients

Bonus module: Free birth – For those doulas who want to explore supporting unassisted birth

I’ve invested $1000s into business coaching over the years, and to this day I have some of the best coaches supporting me in my business.

I know what it means to invest in your vision and build a business that lasts, and I want this for you too.

You deserve to:

Experience true freedom from the system so you can speak freely and stand in your truth
Move beyond overwhelm and have the structure and streamlined processes that work
Create and make your own rules
Be set up from the very beginning to financially make a profit and keep doing what you love.

I will teach you:

My onboarding process for booking clients from pregnancy to postpartum

So you can set clear expectations from the beginning and set boundaries that help build great client relationships

Loved and tested recipes that send clients into pregnancy/postpartum bliss

Including a breakdown of all costs so you know exactly what each portion costs to make and you can build both mouth watering and profitable packages

My Postpartum Protocol

A breakdown of my postpartum process & protocol so you’re client knows exactly what to expect and there’s no overwhelm as the weeks fly by

Industry secrets

Hear secrets from successful 6-figure guests sharing decades of knowledge on how they’ve become successful in the birth space and build sustainable businesses

My Cash Method

Learn how to structure your bank accounts so you are immediately making profit first (plus learn about your taxes, wages and GST)

Educational tools and workbooks

You’ll also receive my templates, contracts, client forms and comprehensive workbooks that keep you feeling confident as well as my client workbook that will encourage your own clients to self-guide and self-empower.

You’ll also have access to masterclasses from our Birthing Magic Industry Experts –

Courtney from Seeking Wilder –

On helping you to use your intuition to make aligned decisions within your business. 

Kate from The Mama’s Alchemist –

On using the tools of Chinese Medicine within the birth and postpartum space. 

Tara from Bold Heart Creative –

On sharing your message with the world through copywriting.

Dr. Jacinta Di Prinzio –

On taking care of you as the business owner.

Amy Bett –

On profit first and pricing your services.

Angel Phoenix –

On social media marketing, community building and brand amplification.

Stacey from Barefoot Branding –

On creating your website.

Belle Verdiglione from The Camera Queens –

On branding your birth business.


You are a passionate and driven birth keeper who struggles with logistics, systems and structure and want help executing your vision
You’re new to birth work or you’re a birth nerd ready to start a business and you want to set yourself up with a solid foundation
You recognise that your work is valuable, you honour your time and the sacred space that you hold
You know that you’re worth more than what you are currently charging and it’s time to start making changes that honour the energetic exchange of your work
You’re booking clients, but they’re not the right clients
You’re getting clients but you’re not nailing the business and you’re ready to start creating something more sustainable

And most of all, you’re ready to start bringing the same ritual and reverence to your business that you bring to the birth world.

The growth of your business deserves your time, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.

And your business deserves the tools it needs to actually grow and scale, so it can begin to nourish you back in the way you so effortlessly do for others.

Investing in your business isn’t always going to feel comfortable. But knowing what it’s already costing you to not have these tools and support in place is often a much more uncomfortable place to be.

Let me ask you..

Are you still going to be earning the same amount of money this time next year if you don’t change anything? If you don’t invest in your own growth?

I want you to step up into this powerful work as the successful, driven and heart-led birth worker you’re here to be.

I want to amplify you, support you and help you honour your innate soul calling to make a difference in this space.

You deserve it, and the birthing people you’re here to support do too.

Let’s unleash your gifts.

Birthing Magic starts again in August 2022


“I’m new to the birth world; does it matter that I’m not an experienced doula?”
This container is for everyone! For the experienced birth keepers who want to hone in on their business skills and expand, to someone who is brand new to this work. I have had a range of people from all walks of life enter this container.
“I’ve already done other doula courses in the past; how is this different?”
This course is about getting clear on what you want from your business, curating offers that light your soul on fire, and making sure that the work you do is sustainable. I am not going to teach you how to do a hip squeeze. You innately know how to hold space; It’s in your DNA. This course is different as it brings in the ritual and reverence whilst looking at the logistics of running your own business in 2022.
“I’m in a different time zone or country; is this course for Australia only?”
Absolutely not! This course is for EVERYONE. Wherever you are on this planet, you are welcome into this space. If you can’t make it onto a live call, they will all be recorded and uploaded to the course portal. 
“This all sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I have the time..”
Not only is Birthing Magic designed to help you reclaim your time with the structure, systems and support you’ve been lacking in your business, it’s also the perfect time to take a good hard look at your excuses. If building a successful and sustainable birth keeper business is important to you, then you will always be able to find 10min a day a dedicate to your own growth. The content is designed to be done in your own time, and a business owner, you’re in charge of your time. How will you choose to use it?
“How is the course structured?”
Birthing Magic is a self paced course with each module released weekly. Every week there are live calls with myself and the group, plus live masterclasses scattered throughout the 3 months. All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t jump on live you can always watch at a more convenient time. Each module has a workbook attached, however, there are no rules. It’s more of a guide to prompt you in your business. You will also have access to the course for another 3 months after completion.

“We are the ONLY species of mammal that doubts our ability to give birth. Think about that.”

Ina May Gaskin

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