How we birth matters

Hands help, experience guide: but only a mother gives birth. Inside her, every mother knows how.

Each birth, each woman is individual: but every mother has essential needs, a desires to face birth with fearless love.

You want to burst through every limiting belief and birthing block so you’re empowered and engaged by everything your transformative experience has to offer.


  • You want to totally trust your intuition, hear what your body’s saying, and have the confidence to make the right choices for you and your child.
  • Get clear on your birth plan, know exactly what you do and don’t want: and have it heard and respected.
  • Have someone you can completely trust to manage the details of your birth so you don’t have to worry about anything but the sacred space between you and your new one.
  • Be prepared for any uncertainties, calm all your restless fears, and the ability to eat intuitively in response to the changing demands of your body and baby.
  • Navigate the new and sometimes complex feelings of the postpartum experience – not just for your baby, but for the new mother too.

But you’re hearing a thousand voices with different opinions and it’s got you feeling overwhelmed by the entire birthing process.

There are so many choices and so much information out there, plus everything you’ve heard from friends and family – you’re more confused than ever.

You’re unable to make informed decisions, worried that you won’t know how to care for your newborn, or that you’ll make the wrong choices.

You’re scared that something might happen to baby, or how birth will feel, and if you’ll be able to make it through it.

You’re sleep-deprived and not only having to take care of yourself, but also your new bub.

You lack good support, love or someone in your corner; you might even be navigating the system by yourself or raising your new baby alone

When you return home and your partner goes back to work, your feeling lonely or confused taking care of a newborn by yourself.

Who thought giving birth, an essential part of life, could get so complicated?

I am here.

My name is Claire Davies, Birth Keeper. Doula. Mother. Truth Seeker.

I LOVE BIRTH. I love pregnancy.

I believe birth is a sacred right of passage.

Every morning I think “What an amazing day to have a baby”. Birth, never too far from my mind.

I help pregnant and postpartum women give birth and care for their baby their own way, educating and supporting them in their journey so it can be a truly unique and life-changing.

As your doula, I’m here to support you through the realms of prenatal, birth and the fourth trimester, leaving you empowered by the transformative birth and postpartum experience.

Childbirth doesn’t need to be traumatic: it can be a humbling, spiritual journey.

The postpartum experience can also be intense, but magical, and I believe in encouraging a mother to give herself permission to sit in the sacredness of post-birth.

A lot of mothers have trouble prioritising her own needs, taking proper care of herself or honouring her body with good nutrition: postpartum women in western culture are some of the most malnourished in the world!

Having a doula at my son’s birth fired my passion. The beautiful soul who laboured with me, who witnessed Noah leave my womb and brought roast vegetable soup to me whilst in hospital. When I felt I could no longer go on, she breathed life back into me, she nourished, loved and nurtured me.

I am here for you now.

Following my truth, leaning into what feels good. Each birth, each woman is individual, that’s why being a Doula is being fluid.

Together we can find the space for you to be, not just get through the day. You’ll be able to flow with your new routine and cherish moments in the beautiful organised chaos.

I promise to always advocate for you. Hold space for you. Shower love on you.

I am your shoulder to cry on.

  • Form that special connection with your baby
  • Have a magical birth and postpartum experience
  • Develop the ability to make intuitive decisions for your birth and baby
  • Gain clarity and confidence in looking after a newborn
  • Feel supported, loved and respected
  • Have your birth and parenting choices heard and honoured
  • Have a community around you, supporting and cheering you on
  • Feel nourished with healing and nourishing food and drinks

I believe that when women are empowered, supported and loved in their birth and postpartum space, we don’t just SURVIVE, we THRIVE through motherhood.

When we work together you’ll gain all my knowledge of birth and postpartum. I’ll nourish, love and support you, making sure you feel spoilt.

I’ll encourage you to ask questions and lean into your intuition so all your decisions are informed consensual and empowered. We’ll determine what you really want from your birth, and what your non-negotiable are. I’ll always encourage you to back yourself first, instilling the confidence that you have everything you and your baby needs.

I am a HUGE believer in divine timing, intuitive process and our ability to seek out exactly what we are looking for.

We are magnets, and if in tune in correctly we will always be drawn to what serves our soul so it’s no mistake that you are here.

You’ll have access to my extensive experience and knowledge of different birthing outcomes, and how to navigate the system to best suit your family and circumstances.

You’ll also have 24/7 support so you’re never alone or stranded.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll be confident and informed, and you and your baby will be thriving, ready for your beautiful journey together.

So here I am.

Childbirth is an incredible journey, and to journey with you is an honour.

Showering birthing people and families with all my doula love.

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