from Maiden to Mother

with support at your side to nourish and help you feel safe, loved, empowered and confident in bringing your baby earthside as you transition into your new role as a parent

Hands may help, and experts guide, but only a mother gives birth.

Your birth is yours.

Only you know what’s truly best for your baby.

I’m Claire

I’m the one who will travel the realms with you to help bring your baby Earthside.

Nourish you postpartum to ensure all you have to think about is connecting with your baby. I am a shoulder to cry on.

Being a Doula is being fluid. Each birth, each woman is individual. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, I become EXACTLY what you need me to be in those moments. All my senses are utilised to ensure you feel


How we birth matters

It’s my mission to bring magic back to the birth and postpartum experience. To empower you to make choices for you and your family based on INTUITION + LOVE, and to lean into your new role as parents.

Birth is the most expansive and life altering experience if we are educated, empowered and confident in our bodies and choices.

I promise to always advocate for you.

Hold space for you. Love on you.

What an incredible journey, and to journey with you is an honour.

Birth Support

Pre Natal + Birth Support

Post Partum

Birth Plan Prep Session

7 Essential items to put in your birth bag! 

The hospital usually gives you a list however, I believe they miss a few things! This checklist includes items that I believe make a massive difference in making your time at hospital enjoyable + relaxed.


I acknowledge that I live and work on the stolen lands of the Noongar people. I pay respect to the elders past, present and emerging. I recognise their continuing connection to the land, water and community.

7 Essentials to pack in your Birth Bag!


Download your checklist now so you know exactly what you need to pack 



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